Pronunciation of American English Vowels

Listen and Repeat

  1. beet, beed, theme, kneel
  2. hit, hid, Kim, pill
  3. lake, wage, rain, mail
  4. slept, wed, end, smell
  5. cap, flab, ran, pal
  6. root, rude, soon, pool
  7. rook, should, pull
  8. oat, ode, comb, stole
  9. not, bog, calm, call
  10. hurt, heard, earn, world
  11. cuff, glove, come, mullet
  12. mother, brother, northern
  13. alone, enough, alike
  14. tight, tide, time, tile
  15. out, loud, noun, vowel
  16. coin, coil
  17. youth, used, young. (yell)
  18. air, sterile
  19. court, cord, corn, coral
  20. tired, iron, virile