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Men and Women Really Do Think Differently
(2014-05-14) Home, Health Report
WHO: Millions Die Every Year from Air Pollution
(2014-05-13) Science & Technology, Science in the News
Somali Immigrants Struggle in the US
(2014-05-13) World, As It Is
China Charges Journalist with Releasing State Secrets
(2014-05-13) World, As It Is, voa learning english, as it is
Music You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else
(2014-05-12) USA, Entertainment, As It Is
Get Your Kicks on Route 66
(2014-05-12 12:39 AM) USA, This Is America
Neglected Crops in Africa Could Help Ease Hunger
(2014-05-11) Business, World, Agriculture Report, As It Is
What are Your Deepest, Darkest Fears?
(2014-05-10) Science & Technology, Health Report, As It Is
Nigeria Welcomes Help in Search for Kidnapped Students
(2014-05-10) World, In the News
International Students Learn Filmmaking in Hollywood
(2014-05-09) Entertainment, American Mosaic
Bringing Healing to Victims of Mass Violence
(2014-05-09) World, As It Is
Polk Sends Troops to Mexican Border
(2014-05-08) The Making of a Nation
Climate Change Destroys Coral Reefs
(2014-05-08) Science & Technology, As It Is
Youths Oppose Required Military Service
(2014-05-07) World, As It Is
MERS Virus Spreads Outside Middle East
(2014-05-07) Home, Health Report, Health Report
Scientists Identify Remains of Bird-Like Dinosaur in North America
(2014-05-06) Science & Technology, Science in the News
Looking for Vaccines Outside the Cold Chain
(2014-05-06) Home, Science & Technology, USA, As It Is
Play Ball! Baseball is America's 'National Pastime'
(2014-05-05) USA, This Is America
Saving Black Gospel Music
(2014-05-05) USA, Entertainment, As It Is
Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
(2014-05-04 5:08 PM) Words and Their Stories
Pre-Natal Care Goes Mobile in Uganda
(2014-05-04) Science & Technology, World, As It Is
Think Yourself Rich! Or Try Saving
(2014-05-03) Business, As It Is
Rebels Shoot Down Ukrainian Helicopters
(2014-05-03) World, In the News
Play for Millenials? Board Games
(2014-05-02) Entertainment, American Mosaic
Young People Crowd Science and Technology Fair
(2014-05-02) As It Is
Texas Statehood is the Main Issue in 1844 Campaign
(2014-05-01) The Making of a Nation
New York's Sherpas Mourn Everest Avalanche Victims
(2014-05-01) World, As It Is
American Textbooks Are Caught in Diplomatic Fight
(2014-04-30) World, USA, As It Is
Women Are Giving Birth at Home – On Purpose!
(2014-04-30) home, Health
Americans Debate Illegal Immigration
(2014-04-29) USA, As It Is
Herbs and Spices May Be Good for Your Health
(2014-04-29) Science & Technology, Health, Science in the News
'Windy City' Offers Loop, Lakefront, Lots of Things to Enjoy
(2014-04-28) USA, This Is America
New Opportunities Open for Foreign Engineering Students
(2014-04-27) USA, Education, Entertainment, As It Is
Bigwig and Top Banana
(2014-04-27 12:30 AM) Words and Their Stories
Security Concerns Raised on Obama’s Asian Trip
(2014-04-26) World, In the News
Dry Weather and 'Dirty' Farming Affect Food Supplies
(2014-04-26) Business, As It Is
Bangladesh Building Collapse Leads to Safety Measures
(2014-04-25) World, As It Is
Basket Maker Teaches Women in Africa
(2014-04-25) World, Entertainment, American Mosaic
Vietnam Says No to Asian Games
(2014-04-24) World, As It Is
'Tippecanoe and Tyler Too' Bring Whigs to White House
(2014-04-24) The Making of a Nation
Agent Orange Removal Continues in Vietnam
(2014-04-23) World, As It Is
New York City Muslims Welcome End of Spying Unit
(2014-04-22) USA, As It Is
Farmer Invents New Way to Grow Crops
(2014-04-22) Science & Technology, Science in the News
South Africa Leads Africa in Nuclear Development
(2014-04-21) World, As It Is
Jefferson Creates New Word: 'Belittle'
(2014-04-20) Words and Their Stories, words, expressions, idioms, sayings, belittle
Speaking More than One Language Could Delay Dementia
(2014-04-20) Health, As It Is
High Tech Aids Search and Rescue
(2014-04-19) Science & Technology, As It Is
Hopes Decrease in Search for Survivors of South Korean Ferry
(2014-04-19) World, In the News, South Korea, voa learning english
American Art Works Return to Nation's Capital
(2014-04-18) Entertainment, American Mosaic
Russia Increases Energy Costs for Ukraine
(2014-04-18) World, As It Is
Supreme Court Rules in Amistad Slave Ship Case
(2014-04-17) The Making of a Nation
Kenya Moves Forward with Nuclear Power Plans
(2014-04-17) World, As It Is
Are You Hardcore Enough for CrossFit?
(2014-04-16) home, USA
Boko Haram Suspected in Nigeria Terror Attack
(2014-04-16) World, As It Is
Smoking is the Leading Cause of Preventable Death
(2014-04-15) Science & Technology, Science in the News
Congress Praises Response to Boston Bombing
(2014-04-15) USA, As It Is
African Countries Want to Add Nuclear Power Centers
(2014-04-14) Science & Technology, World, As It Is
Vermont is Small in Size, Big in Beauty
(2014-04-14) USA, This Is America
Political Unrest Threatens Thailand's Economy
(2014-04-13) World, As It Is
Hold Up or Held Up?
(2014-04-13) Words and Their Stories
China and US Seek Closer Military Ties, But Differences Remain
(2014-04-12) World, In the News
Caffeine and Mental Exercises Improve Memory
(2014-04-12) Science & Technology, As It Is
Lorde, Imagine Dragons Lead Billboard Awards Nominations
(2014-04-11) Entertainment, American Mosaic
Abolitionists and Amistad Raise Slavery Issue
(2014-04-10) The Making of a Nation
Group Claims Older People Are Denied Basic Health Care
(2014-04-10) Health, As It Is
Experts Liken Ukraine Crisis to Soviet's Afghanistan Invasion
(2014-04-09) World, As It Is
Earth's Surfaces Are Always Moving
(2014-04-08) Science in the News
International Space Station Puts on a Saturday Night Show
(2014-04-08) Science & Technology, As It Is
Americans Chose Their Favorite Poems
(2014-04-07) This Is America
US Federal Judges Cancel Same-Sex Marriage Bans
(2014-04-07) USA, As It Is
Researchers Look for Non-Traditional Ways to Fight Weeds
(2014-04-06) Business, As It Is
Get Your ‘Kick’ with Words
(2014-04-06) Words and Their Stories
Community Colleges Offer Easy and Low-cost Opportunities
(2014-04-05) USA, As It Is
Two Powerful Earthquakes Strike Chile
(2014-04-05) World, In the News, Earthquake, chile, voa learning english, in the news
Holocaust Museum Officials Learn from Rwanda Massacre
(2014-04-04) World, As It Is
Shaping Human Evolution at the Smithsonian
(2014-04-04) Entertainment, American Mosaic
West Africans Fear Spread of Ebola Virus
(2014-04-02) Health, As It Is
Worldwide Fight Against Malaria Appears to Succeed
(2014-04-01) Science & Technology, Science in the News
What Led to Russian Occupation of Crimea?
(2014-04-01) World, As It Is
Interracial Marriages Increase in US
(2014-03-31) USA, As It Is
Blues, Country and Soul Mix in Memphis
(2014-03-31) USA, This Is America
New York Invests Heavily in Biotech Development
(2014-03-30) Science & Technology, As It Is
Chip on Your Shoulder
(2014-03-30) Words and Their Stories
Economies Rest on Elections in India and Burma
(2014-03-29) World, As It Is
Search for Malaysian Airplane Ends Third Week
(2014-03-29) World, In the News
America Loves Blue Jeans
(2014-03-28) Entertainment, American Mosaic
Exxon Valdez Oil Spill: 25 Years Later
(2014-03-28) USA, As It Is
Many Turks Fear 'Deep State'
(2014-03-27) World, As It Is
Pakistanis Suffer from Drought but Find New Energy Sources
(2014-03-26) Science & Technology, Health, As It Is
Do Long Periods in Space Affect the Body and Mind?
(2014-03-25) Science & Technology, Science in the News
Businessman Buys Famous Car Factory in Detroit
(2014-03-25) Business, USA, As It Is
Famous Woman Judge Presides over Pistorius Trial
(2014-03-24) World, As It Is
Songs of Spring Describe Her Many Moods
(2014-03-24) Entertainment, This Is America
Women in Afghanistan Gain More Rights
(2014-03-23) World, As It Is
Will Sanctions Against Russia Work?
(2014-03-22) World, In the News
The UN Celebrates Agriculture!
(2014-03-22) Business, World, As It Is
Life of Bruce Lee Takes the Stage in 'Kung Fu'
(2014-03-21) Entertainment, American Mosaic
Yanukovych Corruption Linked to Current Problems in Ukraine
(2014-03-21) World, As It Is
Andrew Jackson Leaves Office; Martin Van Buren Becomes President
(2014-03-20) The Making of a Nation
Nigeria Finds New Ways to Fight Extremists
(2014-03-20) World, As It Is
China Urges Calm in Ukraine
(2014-03-19) World, As It Is
When Your Possessions Control Who You Are
(2014-03-18) Science & Technology, Science in the News
Republicans Aim to Take the White House in 2016
(2014-03-18) USA, As It Is
The World Wide Web Turns 25
(2014-03-17) As It Is
A Century Later, Statue of Liberty Still Attracts Millions
(2014-03-17) This Is America
From Couch Potato to Cabin Fever
(2014-03-16) Words and Their Stories
Device Finds Malaria Infections in Seconds
(2014-03-16) Health, As It Is
Smartphone Apps Aren't Just for Fun and Games
(2014-03-15) Science & Technology, Health, As It Is
How Can Air Traffic Controllers Lose a Plane?
(2014-03-15) World, In the News
Will Crimea Vote to Leave Ukraine and Join Russia?
(2014-03-14) World, As It Is
Craft Brewery Meets Changing Tastes
(2014-03-14) USA, Entertainment, American Mosaic
'Remember the Alamo!' Rallies Texans to Battle
(2014-03-13) The Making of a Nation
UN Says North Korea Guilty of Crimes against Humanity
(2014-03-13) World, As It Is
Natural Gas Prices Rise in Europe as Ukraine Crisis Deepens
(2014-03-12) World, As It Is, Ukraine, voa learning english, as it is, Hong Kong
New York’s Chinatown is Changing
(2014-03-11) World, As It Is
Breast Cancer Drug Fights Infection in HIV/AIDS Patients
(2014-03-11) Science in the News
US Military Pivots to the Pacific
(2014-03-10) World, As It Is
The Iwo Jima Memorial and the Famous Photograph that Inspired It
(2014-03-10) USA, This Is America
Baloney or Blarney?
(2014-03-09) Words and Their Stories
UN Brings Financial Services to Africa's Poor
(2014-03-09) World, As It Is
Crimean Lawmakers Vote to Leave Ukraine, Join Russia
(2014-03-08) World, In the News
Students Get Hands-on with Science at Smithsonian
(2014-03-08) Science & Technology, As It Is
Dams Under Debate in China, Burma and Elsewhere
(2014-03-07) As It Is
Ellen DeGeneres Makes History at the Oscars and In China
(2014-03-07) USA, Entertainment, American Mosaic
Andrew Jackson Takes on the Bank of the US
(2014-03-06) The Making of a Nation
New York Museum Displays Iraqi Jewish History
(2014-03-06) As It Is
In China, Talk of Security Increases After Kunming Attack
(2014-03-05) World, As It Is, Pakistan, China, voa learning english, as it is
Can Music Help Your Pain?
(2014-03-04) Health, As It Is
Scientists Plan to Make 3-D Map of the Milky Way
(2014-03-04) Science in the News
From Traditional to 'Freak,' the Evolution in American Folk Music
(2014-03-03) This Is America
Venezuela’s President Looks for Answers to Protests
(2014-03-03) World, As It Is, venezuela, voa learning english, as it is
Building a Windbreak to Protect Crops
(2014-03-02) Business, World, As It Is
Heard It Through the Grapevine
(2014-03-02) Words and Their Stories
Ethiopia Cuts Child Deaths by Two-Thirds
(2014-03-01) World, As It Is
Yanukovych Denies Ouster; Promises to Fight for Ukraine
(2014-03-01) World, In the News
UN Urges African Nations to Protect Sexual Rights
(2014-02-28) As It Is
And, The Oscar Goes To…
(2014-02-28) USA, Entertainment, American Mosaic
How You Feel About Yourself Affects Your Work
(2014-02-27) Science & Technology, As It Is
Separated Families Meet in North Korea for a Rare Reunion
(2014-02-26) World, As It Is, South Korea, North Korea, voa learning english, as it is
Cameroon Launches Campaign against Illegal Hospitals
(2014-02-25) Science in the News
Blight Tourism in Detroit Grows in Popularity
(2014-02-25) USA, As It Is
Science Education…on a Bus!
(2014-02-24) Science & Technology, As It Is
Another World, Underground: Carlsbad Caverns National Park
(2014-02-24 12:30 AM) USA, This Is America
Have Your Heard of the Golden Rule?
(2014-02-23) Words and Their Stories
World Digital Library Reaches 9,900 Items
(2014-02-23) Science & Technology, As It Is
Gold Gains Importance in DRC Conflict
(2014-02-22) World, As It Is
UN Chief Wants 3,000 Troops Sent to Central African Republic
(2014-02-22) In the News
Home Birth Movement Grows in the US
(2014-02-21) USA, American Mosaic
Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Lack Food Aid and Education
(2014-02-21) As It Is
Mosquitoes and Bats May Carry Disease
(2014-02-20) Science & Technology, As It Is
Andrew Jackson and the Election of 1828
(2014-02-20) The Making of a Nation
China and Taiwan Meet for Historic Talks
(2014-02-19) World, As It Is
Cambodia to Restart International Adoptions
(2014-02-18) World, As It Is
Lots of Snow Covers Much of the United States This Winter
(2014-02-18) Science & Technology, Science in the News
UN: One Million Syrian Children Are Refugees
(2014-02-16) Education, As It Is
Do You Have a Broken Heart? A Heart of Stone?
(2014-02-16) Words and Their Stories
One Billion Tons of Food Wasted Each Year
(2014-02-15) As It Is
French President's Visit to US Strengthens Ties
(2014-02-15)) In the News
Valentine's Day: A History of the Day of Love
(2014-02-14) American Mosaic
Supporters Call on Britain to Return Jailed Governor to Nigeria
(2014-02-13) As It Is
South Africans Find a New Way to Live
(2014-02-13) As It Is
A Turkish Law Raises Questions About Government and the Internet
(2014-02-12) As It Is, turkey, Journalists
John Quincy Adams, a Man Raised to Serve His Country
(2014-02-12) The Making of a Nation
In Taipei, Bikes Solve Some Problems, Create New Ones
(2014-02-11) As It Is
New Brain-Image Database Could Help People With Chronic Pain
(2014-02-11) Science and Technology, Science in the News
Celebrating the Life of Abraham Lincoln
(2014-02-10) This Is America
What Engineers Do, and How They Learn
(2014-02-10) Science and Technology, As It Is
Color of Night Light Could Affect Emotions
(2014-02-09) Science and Technology, As It Is
Heart to Heart: Some Heartfelt Expressions
(2014-02-09) Words and Their Stories
Winter Olympics Open in Sochi
(2014-02-08) In the News
Super Computers Faster, More Powerful
(2014-02-08) Science and Technology, As It Is
Homosexuals in India Seek Rights, Political Support
(2014-02-07) As It Is
Hospice Helps Patients Live Their Final Days
(2014-02-07) American Mosaic
Rare Minerals May Be in North Korea
(2014-02-06) As It Is
John Quincy Adams Wins Election of 1824
(2014-02-06) The Making of a Nation
China Faces Criticism for Sentencing Rights Activists
(2014-02-05) As It Is, China, Taiwan
Anti-Muslim Attacks Rise in Britain
(2014-02-04) As It Is
New Documentary Shows Danger of Fracking in Southern Africa
(2014-02-04) Science in the News
Tombstone, Arizona: The Town Too Tough To Die
(2014-02-03) This Is America
Support Grows in Burma for Constitutional Changes
(2014-02-03) As It Is
China Plans Economic Reforms as its Economy Slows
(2014-02-02) As It Is
I’m Red Hot, I'm In the Pink, I'm Blue and I'm Green With Envy
(2014-02-02) Words and Their Stories
President Obama Takes State of the Union Speech to Public
(2014-02-01) In the News
Economists Say College Costs Hurt Economy
(2014-02-01) Education, As It Is
Remembering a Civil Rights Hero and His Powerful Protest
(2014-01-31) As It Is
Super Bowl Sunday: Broncos Versus Seahawks
(2014-01-31) American Mosaic
Missouri's Request for Statehood Reopens Question of Slavery
(2014-01-30) The Making of a Nation
Income Inequality Could be a 2014 Political Issue
(2014-01-29) As It Is, obama, Russia, income
Increase Seen in Common Form of Malaria
(2014-01-28) Science in the News
Obama Set To Talk to the Nation
(2014-01-28) As It Is
Nigeria’s Ruling Party Faces Challenges in 2014
(2014-01-27) As It Is
Southern Friendliness Meets History in Charleston, South Carolina
(2014-01-27) This Is America
Meat Demand Leads to Changes in Farming
(2014-01-26) As It Is
Brrrrrrrr! Cold Enough For Ya?
(2014-01-26) Words and Their Stories
Zambia Working to Prevent Cervical Cancer
(2014-01-25) As It Is
UN Diplomat Says Syria Talks to Continue Saturday
(2014-01-25) In the News
Corruption Protests Continue in Turkey as Government Dismisses Investigators
(2014-01-24) As It Is
Program Provides Food, Farming Education to Urban Poor
(2014-01-24) American Mosaic
New Holy Book in Use in Sierra Leone
(2014-01-23) As It Is
World Bank: Developed Economies Gain Strength in 2014
(2014-01-22) As It Is, economy, Taiwan, voa learning english
James Monroe Elected President in 1816
(2014-01-22) The Making of a Nation
Millions Suffer from Epilepsy
(2014-01-21) Science in the News
Asian Countries Top International School Test
(2014-01-21) Education, As It Is
Lower East Side Tenement Museum Recreates Life in New York for Immigrants 100 Years Ago
(2014-01-20) This Is America
China Rising: The Return of the Dragon
(2014-01-20) As It Is
A Look at the Future of Technology
(2014-01-19) Science and Technology, As It Is
Without Them, Machines Fall Apart
(2014-01-19) Words and Their Stories
African Union Works to Increase Trade
(2014-01-18) As It Is
Indian Diplomat Seeks Dismissal of US Criminal Charges
(2014-01-18) In the News
Sierra Leone Uses New Device to Improve Power Supply
(2014-01-17) As It Is
Maryland BioLab Brings Science to Local High Schools
(2014-01-17) American Mosaic
Cameroon Turns Against Illegal Hospitals
(2014-01-16) As It Is
The War of 1812 Ends - The Making of a Nation No. 39
(2014-01-16) The Making of a Nation
Clothing Sellers Urge Calm in Cambodia After Deadly Protests
(2014-01-15) As It Is, Cambodia, malaysia
Scientists Say Climate Change Is Real and Human-Caused
(2014-01-14) Science in the News
India Ends Silence on Women's Issues
(2014-01-14) As It Is
Terrorism Threat Remains Strong in Africa
(2014-01-13) As It Is
Small Businesses Make Big
(2014-01-13) This Is America
When Is a Choice Not Really a Choice?
(2014-01-12) Words and Their Stories
WHO: Test, Treat Malnourished Children for HIV
(2014-01-12) As It Is
Extreme Cold Freezes Much of United States
(2014-01-11) In the News
Pakistan Criticizes India’s Moves to Fight Polio
(2014-01-11) As It Is
US Economy Improves, But Not for Everyone
(2014-01-10) As It Is
Gospel Music Restoration Project for New Museum
(2014-01-10) American Mosaic
Burma Saves a Synagogue
(2014-01-09) As It Is
UN Refugee Agency Struggles to Help Displaced in South Sudan
(2014-01-08) As It Is, South Sudan, car
A National Anthem Is Born During War of 1812
(2014-01-08) The Making of a Nation
Pollution Threatens Health of 200 Million
(2014-01-07) Science in the News
African Women Farmers Working for Better Lives
(2014-01-07) As It Is
More Diseases Now Spreading from Animals to Humans
(2014-01-06) As It Is
Welcome to Julissa’s Quinceañera!
(2014-01-06) This Is America
All About Cats - The World's Favorite Pet
(2014-01-05) As It Is
US, Japanese Stocks Rise in 2013
(2014-01-04) As It Is
Liberian Women Learn to Read and Write
(2014-01-04) As It Is
Arab Spring Violence Damaging Mental Health in the Middle East
(2014-01-03) As It Is
Australia Hunts for Killer Sharks
(2014-01-02) As It Is
James Madison Declares War on Britain in 1812
(2014-01-02) The Making of a Nation
In Egypt, the Struggle for Peace Continues
(2014-01-01) As It Is, Egypt, Nigeria


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